Summary of The Case Between Margif and Our Dearest Hon. Chief Dr. Patrick Dakum and the Way Forward:

I. That today the 9th day of December 2022, The Federal High Court holden in Jos and presided by her lordship the Hon. Justice Dorcas Agishi, hereby dismisses the suit, with file number FHC/J/CS/76/, filed by Amb. Yohanna Yilpwan Margif, against Labour Party, and two others, challenging the candidature of Hon. Chief Dr. Patrick Dakum as the legitimate Governorship Candidate of the party in Plateau State, citing the alleged withdrawal from the post of party candidate by Hon Y.Y Margif as valid.

II. That, Margif stands expelled by the Labour Party in Plateau State.

III. That, Margif did not participate in the valid primary election re-organized by the Plateau State Labour Party in concert with Labour Party National Working Committee and duly under watch of INEC, the press and civil society; where Hon. Chief Dr. (Prof.) Patrick Sunday Dakum got elected and emerged as Plateau State Labour Party candidate for the 2023 Governorship elections in Plateau State.

IV. That by these non-sequitur premises, Chief Amb. Y.Y Margif lacks the locus standi to enter a suit against the second respondent Hon. Chief Dr. Patrick Dakum, the now candidate of the LP in Plateau State.

V. That, Dakum is therefore, the legitimate Plateau state Labour Party governorship candidate.

VI. And that, a fine against Margif is made, in the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Naira Only,
(N200,000.00), for a frivolous case and the pressure put on the second respondent in the matter (Hon. Chief Dr. Patrick Sunday Dakum).

Whilst delivering Judgement on Friday 9th December 2022, in the suit entered by Margif, against Dakum and INEC, over who is the legitimate candidate of the Labour party for the Plateau State Governorship elections; the high Court presided by Hon. Justice Dorcas Agishi ruled that:
“The electoral law of 2010 has put to rest such discrepancies, by making it abundantly clear, that any candidate who did not take part in an election lacks the ratio decidendi and ultimately, the locus standi to challenge the outcome of such an electoral exercise and therefore, such an individual lacks the moral temerity to question any process and or perceived abnormalities that might play out in such matter…”

Her Lordship further posit, that the exhibit before the honourable court has not only proved, but has indicated a clear evidence that the Plantiff, Margif duly resigned on his own volition from contesting and thus did Not take part in the primary election conducted under the watchful eyes of INEC, which supervised and legitimized the entire Labour Party primary election process.

In conclusion, the court held that, even at the time of hearing and review of the case, the Plantiff (Chief Y.Y Margif) has been expelled from the Plateau State Labour Party, because his actions has continually tarnish the image of the Labour Party in the state and beyond.

She submitted that, from evidence before the honorable court, the suit filed by the Plantiff Hon. Y.Y Margif, is an after-thought and therefore lacking in merit and is STRUCKED OUT.

Meanwhile, the ever cheerful Hon. Chief Dr. (Prof.) Patrick Dakum has been focused on consulting with various communities in Plateau State and critical stakeholders, on how best to move our dear state forward amidst poverty, hardship, strife and the heated political contestations underway.

  • Hon. Chief Dr. Patrick Dakum while giving all the glory for the victory in the Judgement to God Almighty, has asked all supporters and party loyalist to be magnanimous in victory and in their jubilation, citing that, the indivisibility of the Labour party ab-initio and to date in Plateau State, is a glaring evidence of the-people- for-people style of leadership, without the divide-and- rule- approach, that the Consolidation government intends to practice, where unity of the teams and of the people and their progress is the thematic priority of the Consolidation government, God willing.

Dakum has, on behalf of his running mate, Hon. Edward Pwajok (S.A.N) showed early magnanimity in victory by describing the Judgement as fair and therefore has urged supporters and Labour Party loyalists to be calm and to Upscale their non- violent campaign culture, noting that, he bear no grudges, whatsoever against anyone, nonetheless Chief Y.Y Margif whom he described as a brother, despite the mischievous and time consuming litigation since August of 2022.

The love of Plateau State by Hon. Chief Dr. Patrick Sunday Dakum can only be reciprocated by our massive resolve, as a people to vote the Labour Party in the 2023 General elections.

Dr. Patrick Dakum thanked everyone involved in the hope for a change in Plateau State and those who worked hard in the legal teams, his deputy governor designate and millions of faithful supporters and members of the Dakum/Pwajok Campaign Council as well as the Obi/Datti Campaign Council at the State and national levels.

Dakum reiterated that these “turbulent and officially abated challenges” in the last three months, shall soon pass for the good of our dear Plateau State.

Our vote as citizens of Plateau State must therefore count, so that the duo of Hon. Chief Dr. Patrick Dakum and Hon. Edward Pwajok (S.A.N), will be elected as governor and deputy governor, respectively, for a united, peaceful and prosperous Plateau State; where the Consolidation of the Labour of our heroes past shall be harnessed for the betterment of the people of Plateau State, whether they be home or abroad.

Longlive Plateau State.

Kichime Goyang Gotau (FCILG USA)
Director Media, External Relations.