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About Dr. Patrick Dakum

“I first met Patrick when he was Commissioner of Health for Plateau State in 2000 when Dr. (now Professor) Alash’le Abimiku took me to visit her laboratory at Plateau Specialist Hospital. Two years later Alash’le had her fateful walk with the Governor (Dariye) on the top floor of the Nicon Hilton and Patrick joined the IHV team that founded the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria. Working out of several hotel rooms the odds that this small group-Patrick Dakum, John Farley, John Vertefeville, Charles Mensah, Alash’le, and myself-would succeed in changing the landscape of Nigeria’s HIV response is highly unlikely. But success rooted in faith framed in God’s plan guided Patrick’s leadership approach. It wasn’t easy for Patrick as he faced many challenges-external from entrenched dysfunction in the health sector and internally imposed by me in my impatience and drive to achieve the unattainable. In the face of his beloved son Daniel’s untimely death during this period, Patrick’s courage and trust in God carried us all through this tragedy. Patrick’s greatest gift is rooted in his deep Christian faith that gives him equanimity and profound wisdom to allow God’s Plan to unfold. In this, he taught me the importance of timing patience, and trust in God’s Plan. 

“IHVN under Patrick’s leadership has achieved excellence as an antidote to the pernicious epidemic of HIV in Nigeria and has changed the landscape of healthcare in Nigeria. Along the way God has gifted Patrick with other successes: rank of Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, successful grant funding in the tens of millions of dollars, and scientific publications totaling more than 34 with more to come. He continues his pastoral work including his ministry with his beautiful bride Sarah for engaged couples” (see “The Ripple Effect”, pp 168-169).


“What else do we need to testify to the credentials of a man with intimidating cerebral capacity… despite his numerous official, private, family, and community commitments, he creates time to publish and share professional knowledge in Journals and periodicals this being why he is a visiting lecturer and consultant to universities and health institutions overseas (especially in the USA) and also at home. His is a classic case of the lifting of man by God from grass to grace. 

“As one of his contemporaries and friends said in his testimony on Dr. Dakum, he is exceptionally versatile, which is a trait of many persons with exceptional gifts in Natural and Applied Sciences. No wonder, he moved from one professional and career job to another until he took up his present responsibility as the Country Director of the International Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria. 

“Along the line, Dr. Dakum was “arrested by Christ” and thus began his sojourn in the vineyard of the Lord, with admirable commitment and remarkable landmarks. Today he is one of the most committed Elders of COCIN church, so frequently used in church committees from the GCC level down to LCCs and CCs, to the extent that he is in almost every serious COCIN committee, dealing with evangelism, outreaches, fund-raising committees, Karl Kumm University fund-raising and mobilization committees, etc. Yet perhaps the area the COCIN Church cannot forget his leadership role is that of Sunday school teaching of children, for which only our heavenly father can reward him for the adept teaching and motivational methodologies he brings on board consistently.


“People have the varying capacity for leadership, friendship, and touching people’s lives in diverse ways. Most times when one’s profession is being a medical doctor you will be tempted to assume that their commitments on secondary functions are in doubt. Dr. Patrick Dakum is the true package. He is all encapsulated in one. I sit back to put myself in his shoes and then wonder how this gentleman balances his schedules. The church will forever be thankful to God because you are a gift to the church and this generation. Your investment in service to God shall be rewarded by heaven accordingly.

“Below are highlights of his involvement of service to God in the church today.

Chairman COCIN Literature Committee for Bible Study materials, Daily Devotionals, Pamphlets and tracts

Secretary Karl Kumm (COCIN) University Endowment Fund

Chairman RCC Abuja Land Fund Raising Committee

One Time Secretary LCC COCIN Garki

Immediate Past Chairman COCIN Rural Development Committee

Bible Study Coordinator and Teacher, LCC Garki

Sunday School Teacher

Vacation Bible School (VBS) trainer

Chairman Marriage Counseling Committee COCIN LCC Garki

Husband and uncle to many

A father to both biological and spiritual children

Apart from being a counselor, Dr. Patrick Dakum is always on the church preaching Roster, A teacher of the word and a high shoulder to lean on” (see “The Ripple Effect”, pp 159-160).


“There are many who come to this world and live a life that affects others very little. They hardly come to mind for good or even for bad. Dr. Patrick Dakum is not one of those. One of the most striking qualities of Dr. Patrick Dakum is the fact that he is the quintessential family man. He has a deep sense of obligation to the family. He wants the best for them and it appears that there is no length to which he will not go to ensure their spiritual, physical, material, and emotional wellbeing. He is close to his children and any young people that happen to be living in his home, and there have been many. He is at ease with both the young and the senior generation. This has enabled him to serve in the children’s department (Children’s Sunday School) of all churches he has been a member of.

“He also makes himself available to serve the church and local community in many different capacities. He really does not shy always from accepting responsibility and does his best to ensure he delivers service effectively. His generous nature has seen him taking responsibility for so many who are less fortunate, and without much noise. In a world where self-seeking, self-aggrandizement, and the spirit of me – first are very pervasive, those who live a life of service stand out distinctively. We live in a world where people are more anxious to acquire as much as they can and keep everything for themselves. The heart that is simply willing to give is becoming a rarity. We have forgotten the injunction that; it is more blessed to give than to receive.

“For those like Patrick Dakum, however, who make giving a lifestyle; they show that indeed, no one has ever become poor because they give. He gives himself, his time, and his resources. He really is a blessing to society. A very intelligent person who does not come across as an I – know – it – all; he listens to the suggestions of others but does not shy away from volunteering his own opinion. He is good at making others feel at ease and is really a fun person to be with. As an in-law, he is excellent and has come through for us on so many occasions that, as a family, we lack the appropriate words to express the gratitude we feel and can only pray that God will give him a very long life and the strength to enjoy the very many more years ahead. He has been there for us in the good times and in the hard times, taking quite a lot of responsibilities.

“We thank God for him” (See “The Ripple Effect”, pp 192 – 193)


“Dr. Patrick is an exemplary leader who thinks of the well-being, future, and career of everyone who works under him, but surprisingly, working under his superintendence can limit your career options.

“Reason: You won’t want to leave him or go elsewhere to work because all you would need for your professional climb in life and career are not far afield from him they are within him and around him. Two times I have been drawn to take some leaps in my professional life – one to consult with a national tabloid that stubbornly asked me to state my terms even if it means working for the publication only on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays; and second, to accept a juicy job from a big-hearted entrepreneur who now sees petite Dennis as disrespectful and arrogant for refusing his numerous entreaties for a job. On these prompts and many other imperceptible ones, I have been restrained by an enduring relationship that has given me so much more than a good wage.

“Dr. Dakum himself had on one occasion unselfishly nominated me for a deputy director job with a choice global organization that asked him to recommend a competent hand to fill a position. To encourage him, I applied but deep inside I asked God who makes all things beautiful for me to invalidate the application, which He expectedly quashed because I am happy accomplishing so many aspirations working for the IHVN-one which is primarily providing behavior change communication support for reaching people who need treatment and care. Outside work, with his encouragement and the support of my local assembly, Chapel of Goodnews, I coordinated a growing Christian Couple’s Fellowship with everlasting value in Kaduna, and I am also pursuing a higher academic laurel in development communication, which one of my referees, Professor Alash’le Abimiku characteristically called a ‘milestone’ she will support me to achieve.

“As a boss, a mentor, a leader, and a manager rolled into one, Dr. Dakum is a very tolerant man, a good listener, and motivator. He keeps everyone who works with him on track with a positive attitude to work that speaks louder than his expressive voice-his sense of duty especially the manner of his punctuality to work, indescribable. He gives clear instructions and his explanations about work demands are simple-giving room for self-development and critical thinking. You will not enjoy working with him if you are a busy body, lazy, and cannot take initiative or assigned tasks.

“He is a wise man who is not quick to condemn but swift to correct, with love, the mistakes of others. He also readily lifts up any dampened staff that comes to him for succor. This is because he recognizes everyone’s frailty and feelings no matter how small no matter how big – no matter where the staff is coming from.

“It is pertinent to note that he has contributed immensely, through the intervention programmes of the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria, in giving hope to hundreds of thousands of people living with and affected by HIV in Nigeria. As of January 2018, the institute that he leads has provided care and support to over 399,718 people living with HIV, and over 282,520 people living with HIV have received ARV drugs and treatment under the ACHIEVE project that he oversees.

“I am profoundly grateful to God for the privilege to know him and to contribute to this biographical tribute at a time like this, and I am also pleased with Mr. Charles Olalekan Mensah who recommended me to him many years ago” (See “The Ripple Effect”, pp 176 – 178).

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